NGS Analysis, Simplified.

GenomePilot™ simplifies the analysis of next-generation sequencing data with an easy-to-use solution that is compliant, scalable, and flexible to meet the needs of your organization.

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Deployed on Dell and Microsoft Azure
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A Single, Integrated Solution

GenomePilot bridges the gap between bioinformatics and the NGS lab by integrating easy-to-use analytics with a robust data infrastructure into a single, compliant solution to improve productivity and expand the reach of those who can benefit from NGS.

Analysis, Simplified

Analytics, Simplified

Complicated analytics are simplified through an easy-to-use interface helping bioinformaticians automate analyses and empowering lab technicians to run and manage NGS datasets.

Compliance, Simplified

Compliance, Simplified

Built-in user authentication, version control, activity tracking, and audit logs simplify a lab's ability to meet compliance requirements such as CAP/CLIA.

Infrastructure, Simplified

Infrastructure, Simplified

Automation, processing, and storage capabilities are delivered in a single solution to streamline data processing and increase productivity.

On-Site or in the Cloud.

GenomePilot provides flexible deployment options to meet the needs of your organization. Choose from an integrated desktop or rack solution, cloud deployment, or software only for those with existing infrastructure.



Dell has partnered with Appistry to deliver a turnkey solution integrating GenomePilot on robust Dell hardware. Available in two configurations to assist small start-up labs and larger facilities that require high processing capacity and throughput.

In the Cloud

Microsoft Azure

GenomePilot is designed to leverage the flexibility, cost-efficiency and security of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The pay-as-you go subscription model enables users to only pay for compute and storage resources when consumed.

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