About Appistry

We live in a digital world. Data is everywhere—in the email we send, the web we browse, the pictures we take, the medical records we accumulate, and the genes we sequence. Organizations today face a choice: find ways to capture, store, manipulate, and analyze this torrent of digital information, or get passed by those that do.

Appistry (www.appistry.com) orchestrates solutions to big data problems, and since 2001, the company’s fabric technology has empowered organizations and researchers to transform vast data into actionable intelligence. Appistry weaves together high-performance computing and analytics to provide the throughput and scale required for diverse applications—from discovering new medical therapies to delivering overnight packages, gaining clarity from financial transactions, or deciphering military satellite images. In 2012, Appistry was selected by the Broad Institute as the exclusive distributor of the GATK for use in for-profit settings.

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