Appistry helps clinical labs, research institutions, and hospitals capitalize on genomics data so that they can practice genomically enhanced medicine. Our world-class bioinformatics tools, cloud services, and software streamline the analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data and make genome-scale data actionable in guiding research projects and informing clinical decisions.

The Appistry CloudDx products provide cloud-based systems that help clinical research programs conduct patient-centered translational research (CloudDx Translational) and hospitals implement genome-scale tests into routine patient care (CloudDx Clinical).


Appistry also empowers researchers by providing world-class bioinformatics tools, cloud services, and software that streamline the analysis of NGS data and provide easy scale for moving research-developed pipelines into production.

In 2012, the Broad Institute selected Appistry as its authorized software commercialization partner, and in this role Appistry has provided several suites of tools that make the Broad’s industry-leading tools for NGS analysis easier to implement and use.