Management Team

Kevin Haar

President & Chief Executive Officer


Kevin Haar is responsible for the vision, strategy and leadership of Appistry. Haar believes his greatest responsibility is building a team that can successfully execute on Appistry’s commitment to helping businesses solve complex, data intensive problems. He has more than 25 years of experience in building teams for rapid growth organizations – representing thousands of employees across several companies with distinct corporate cultures.

Prior to Appistry, Haar spent 17 years at Rational Software, serving in several strategic positions including Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations. He played an integral role in transforming the company from a software startup into an industry powerhouse with more than $800 million in annual revenues – resulting in a $2.1 billion acquisition by IBM. Haar held several management positions at HP before joining Rational.

A family man at heart, Kevin enjoys spending his leisure time with his wife, four kids and two grandkids. Haar’s family values fuel his passion for building businesses and establishing corporate cultures that align with his employees’ financial and personal objectives. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Trevor Heritage

Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy


Trevor Heritage applies a diverse background in areas such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and computer science to build and develop strategic customer, partner and executive-level relationships at Appistry and oversee technical positioning and alliance building strategies for Appistry’s life sciences-focused solutions.

Heritage has held a number of high-profile positions in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemicals and software sectors. As comfortable in the boardroom as he is in the laboratory, Heritage has developed a proven track record for transitioning emerging technology companies through successful acquisitions. Prior to his post at Appistry, Heritage served as Executive Vice President, Software Products for San Diego, California-based life science software provider, Accelrys Inc. (Nasdaq: ACCL), where he oversaw business strategy and orchestrated a transformational merger with his former employer, the recently acquired Symyx Software (Nasdaq: SMMX). At Symyx, Heritage served as President with responsibility for software business operations. Heritage assumed this position after serving as the Senior Vice President Operations & Chief Science Officer for Elsevier MDL (acquired by Symyx in 2007). Prior to that, he managed the life science informatics business unit and professional services for St. Louis-based Tripos Inc. for several years.

A 2005 recipient of the St. Louis Business Journal’s annual “40 Under 40” Business Award, Heritage proudly returns to the city to facilitate the development of another innovative technology. In addition to this accolade, Heritage has served as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for IBC Life Sciences and the University of Indiana, School of Informatics. His research has been published in over 20 peer- reviewed scientific journals and books and he holds a BSc in Chemistry and Computer Science, as well as a PhD in Organic Chemistry, from the University of Reading in the UK.

Cornelius Boerkoel, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

boerkoelCornelius Boerkoel brings more than 30 years of research and clinical expertise to his role developing Appistry’s long-term corporate and product strategy and building relationships with scientific partners and customers. Boerkoel received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University and trained in pediatrics at the University of Washington and in clinical genetics at the University of Toronto. He entered clinical practice in genetics and completed postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine before joining the faculty of the University of British Columbia in 2006. His translational research has focused on rare diseases, and in addition to co-founding the Rare Disease Foundation, he most recently served as a staff clinician and directed the translational laboratory at the National Institutes of Health Undiagnosed Diseases Program. In addition to serving as Appistry’s CMO, Boerkoel is a clinical associate professor and clinical investigator in the Provincial Medical Genetics Program and Child and Family Research Institute at the Children’s and Women’s Medical Centre of British Columbia and the University of British Columbia.

Rich Mazzarella, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer


Rich Mazzarella is responsible for developing technologies and strategies that transform genomic data into actionable intelligence. With more than three decades of experience in diverse fields including biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, immunology, genetics, computational biology and bioinformatics, Mazzarella is Appistry’s guide on the path to turning personalized medicine into a reality.

Mazzarella’s vast expertise in genomics research ranges from advancing the human genome project at Washington University, St. Louis, to patenting progressive findings in cancer research while at Pfizer. His experience and education – which includes a Ph.D. in microbiology from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and serving as an instructor at The Institute for Biomedical Computing & The Center for Genetics in Medicine at Washington University – is not only tapped to advance Appistry’s role in life sciences, but also to nurture St. Louis’ leadership role in life sciences, medicine and technology.

Editor of a computational and systems book, author of four book chapters and 40 scientific journal articles, Mazzarella is also a talented engineer who has designed and built robots capable of being controlled remotely over the Internet. Unlike The Jetsons’ robot Rosey, his robot cannot do housework yet, but is fully capable of grabbing a Schlafly.

Michael Groner

VP of Engineering and Chief Architect


Michael Groner’s entrepreneurial drive and his strategic vision have contributed to Appistry’s growth and transformation throughout the years. In addition to assuming chief responsibility for the technical architecture behind Appistry’s products, Groner leverages his engineering background with his business acumen to ensure alignment of product and corporate goals. Amidst this quest to build a dynamic company with a scalable and reliable solution for applied analytics in the big data space, Groner can be found constantly communicating with—and learning from—Appistry’s customer base. It’s this approach that has shaped his understanding of evolving pipeline and application development opportunities for geospatial, next generation sequencing and other emerging technologies in the defense and life sciences industries.

Prior to co-founding Appistry, Groner served in various capacities at PaylinX, including as the company’s Chief Architect. Similar to his role at Appistry, at PaylinX, Groner was responsible for building large mission critical systems for the transaction world—including development of several versions of the PaylinX Payment Server— while balancing the company’s corporate and technical aspirations. Later, while seeing the company through its acquisition by CyberSource, Groner continued on as Director of Software Development. Prior to this, he began his career as a developer with Tapestry Computing where he designed and implemented PayPort 1.x, the foundation for the PaylinX concept.

With a background that includes research in artificial intelligence and other technical complexities, Groner holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis.

Heath Moylan

Vice President of Cloud Operations


Heath Moylan manages the infrastructure that powers Appistry’s cloud-based services, including information technology, data center operations, and quality assurance. He has 15 years of experience driving performance, scalability, and reliability in data centers. Prior to Appistry, he spent nearly a decade at Thomson Reuters, serving in a range of roles including development, platform implementation, and infrastructure architecture to build and manage real-time market data applications and high volume web infrastructures for news and financial data. Moylan now applies this experience with a “DevOps” approach to solve challenges related to bioinformatics and other big-data problems. When not obsessing over the details of Appistry’s solutions, he cycles, scuba dives, and tinkers with PC and media servers.

Patrick Geritz

Vice President of North American Sales


Patrick Geritz is responsible for growing Appistry’s genomics, translational medicine, and healthcare business. His expertise has centered on building sales demand and leading strategic teams for early-stage technologies. Following sales and marketing roles at Parametric Technologies and Lockheed Martin Corporation, Geritz led efforts at Savi Technologies (a division of Lockheed) on numerous high-profile programs to provide big data solutions for bioterrorism, medical emergency response and preparedness, and disaster relief within MEDCOM, NIH, CDC, and the intelligence community at the state and local levels.

Geritz lives in Maryland with his wife of 20 years, Kelly, and his two children. He holds a business degree from Towson University and a TSI/SCI clearance. Geritz enjoys golf and restoring vintage sport cars.

Jean Roberson

Chief Financial Officer


Jean Roberson is focused on improving the operational cost efficiencies of Appistry, including investor relations, budgeting and financial modeling. Under her guidance, the company has proactively raised more than $34 million in private investment.

Roberson brings more than 17 years of experience across all areas of finance to her role at Appistry. Prior to joining the team, she was the CFO of Bandwidth Exchange Buildings, and was co-founder and CFO of Partner Communications and Services. She also served as Treasurer for Purina Mills during the time of its leveraged buyout where she raised $350 million to transition the business unit into stand-alone enterprises and during the sale of the business to Koch Industries in 1998.

Roberson began her career as an auditor at Ernst& Young, joining the firm after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and becoming a C.P.A. Jean has a passion for mentoring early-stage companies and founded the Technology Entrepreneur Center to provide guidance to early-stage companies in St. Louis. This is where she was first introduced to Appistry – she felt that Appistry was one of the “most interesting companies in St. Louis,” and joined the company shortly thereafter. Jean’s energy and passion serve her well as an avid triathlete, participating in races across the country.

Mark Lien

Senior Vice President


A shareholder in Appistry since 2001, Lien joined Appistry in 2013 to lead fundraising efforts and assist with business development and shareholder relations. He became interested in joining the team after moving back to St. Louis in 2012 and attending a shareholder meeting, where he saw a company that he thought not only could make a huge difference in people’s lives, but that also had an excellent business model and potential for scale.

Lien has a proven track record of success in sales and business development. He earned his BBA from Iowa State University and spent most of his career prior to Appistry in the financial services industry. In addition to running a successful office for Edward Jones, he worked on the team that led to that company’s expansion to the West Coast. Following this, he built one of the largest territories in the nation for American Funds, increasing his territory’s business six fold in 12 years.

Lien has been married to his wife Cathy for 25 years and has three teenage sons. He spends most of his free time running them to practices and attending their school and sporting events.