Clinical Genomics Implementation

Develop and execute production-grade pipelines that scale as you grow

Appistry leverages over a decade of experience in big-data management and execution to provide an integrated environment for NGS analysis—Ayrris®. Ayrris organizes NGS tools, data, and workflows while providing behind-the-scenes, big-data capabilities for developing, managing, and executing complex analytics at scale. Get analytics up and running fast, test and debug to refine pipelines, and readily scale research pipelines to production resources or the Appistry Cloud to meet the throughput demands required for clinical applications.



Prepackaged NGS analysis tools and pipelines for rapid results

The tools for analyzing genetic data are evolving rapidly. Don’t let software or operating systems limit the tools you can deploy in a pipeline. Appistry’s Ayrris lets you create pipelines incorporating a range of open-source and commercial tools for NGS analysis—and provides ways to package up your own proprietary tools for easy deployment and management.

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Choose a workstation, cluster, or cloud—and scale on your terms

Moving a pipeline into production requires a robust environment built for reliability, reproducibility, and scalability. The last thing labs want to do is rewrite algorithms when the time comes to run them at scale. Appistry’s Ayrris supports a range of deployment options. And because all deployment options utilize the same big-data environment, you can apply and execute tools, data, and workflows consistently across infrastructure to grow throughput on your terms.

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Big-Data Environment

Big-data know-how for developing, running, and scaling pipelines

Appistry’s big-data software environment incorporates patented technology and a decade of experience with assembling and running workflows and pipelines to work reliably, securely, and cost-effectively across large datasets. Having powered applications in the finance, defense, and logistics industries, this software now serves as the foundation of Ayrris to support cost-effective implementations that make genomics research data manageable and actionable.

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Service Pipelines

Cloud access to custom pipelines based on proven science

Powered by Ayrris and hosted at Appistry, the Appistry Cloud provides a scalable, reliable, HIPAA-compliant environment for developing, managing, and executing pipelines at scale. The Appistry Cloud enables organizations to offload infrastructure support and maintenance to an expert third-party, enabling them to focus on the science behind pipeline development and analysis. 

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On Ramp Program

Full service program helps you implement and grow with Ayrris

Appistry’s On Ramp Program leverages the capabilities of Ayrris in combination with full service from Appistry to provide a turnkey solution and a growth path for scaling research pipelines into full production. Appistry offers a range of On Ramp configurations to meet your needs now and in the future.

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