Building an Agile, Scalable Payment Processing Engine on Cloud Technology To Leapfrog the Competition

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A common perception in our industry is that you need to start with a certain scale to be effective. Our belief is that with the Appistry CloudIQ Platform in place, we are able to shatter these barriers and achieve competitive performance and economics with much smaller volumes.

– Dan Geraty, President and CEO of Clearent

About Clearent

Clearent is a young company breaking the barriers to innovation in the transaction processing industry. By coupling a robust transaction processing engine with a next-generation "Web 2.0" user interface, Clearent is creating a "game changing" service that will drive long term competitive advantage.

Value Proposition

  • Fast time to market: Appistry enables Clearent to bring its technology-based service to market more quickly than possible with other alternatives, because Appistry CloudIQ Platform takes care of providing scale and reliability.
  • Fault tolerance: Appistry products offer the fault tolerance and the predictable execution demanded by its financial services applications, automatically compensating for infrastructure failure.
  • Easy scale out: Clearent is able to incrementally deploy and scale their cloud application on commodity cloud infrastructure to meet customer demand as it grows organically and through acquisition.

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