Michael Groner’s entrepreneurial drive and his strategic vision have contributed to Appistry’s growth and transformation throughout the years. In addition to assuming chief responsibility for the technical architecture behind Appistry’s products, Groner leverages his engineering background with his business acumen to ensure alignment of product and corporate goals. Amidst this quest to build a dynamic company with a scalable and reliable solution for applied analytics in the big data space, Groner can be found constantly communicating with—and learning from—Appistry’s customer base. It’s this approach that has shaped his understanding of evolving pipeline and application development opportunities for geospatial, next generation sequencing and other emerging technologies in the defense and life sciences industries.

Prior to co-founding Appistry, Groner served in various capacities at PaylinX, including as the company’s Chief Architect. Similar to his role at Appistry, at PaylinX, Groner was responsible for building large mission critical systems for the transaction world—including development of several versions of the PaylinX Payment Server— while balancing the company’s corporate and technical aspirations. Later, while seeing the company through its acquisition by CyberSource, Groner continued on as Director of Software Development. Prior to this, he began his career as a developer with Tapestry Computing where he designed and implemented PayPort 1.x, the foundation for the PaylinX concept.

With a background that includes research in artificial intelligence and other technical complexities, Groner holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis.