Variant Interpretation and Reporting, Simplified. GenomeNavigator™ helps labs automate their clinical NGS based testing workflows with an easy-to-use solution for prioritizing, investigating and reporting clinically relevant variants.

Scale Your Clinical Reporting.

GenomeNavigator enhances and accelerates the process for interpreting and reporting clinically relevant variants. Through an intuitive dashboard, molecular pathologists and clinical genomicists can quickly review and approve prioritized variants or conduct further investigation using the interactive analysis environment enabling information driven interpretation.

Eay-to-use Application

Case organization, worklists and variant interpretation are all accessed through an intuitive interface that's easy-to-use for clinical genomicists and molecular pathologists.

Interactive Investigation

Clinicians perform variant characterization, prioritization and interpretation through the interactive environment using toggle like features.

Comprehensive Analysis

Ability to easily add phenotype, medical data and mine external sources to characterize variants based on disease association.

Workflow Automation

Establish workflows for variant confirmation with the ability to keep track of variants at any filtering stage.

Data Sharing

All novel variants, annotation and interpretations are stored in the variant knowledgebase and can be accessed via the application.

Secure Integration

Report findings with auto generated templates or customizable reports with the ability to securely send to external systems with electronic sign off.

Case list

Review, Simplified.

The intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive review of patient cases and prioritized variants with the option to approve and submit a clinical report or conduct further investigation of variants.

  • Dashboard organizes cases and presents a worklist for interpreter
  • Ability to quickly review prioritized variants and associated case information
  • Option to submit variants for confirmation or conduct further investigation

Interpretation, Simplified.

For cases that require additional analysis, GenomeNavigator automatically displays all prioritization filters and enables users to easily adjust filters to further prioritize variants for interpretation.

  • Interactive Filtering
  • Information Driven Prioritization
  • Variant Characterization
  • Custom Interpretation
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Interactive Filtering
Above: Perform additional filtering using easy-to-use toggles.
Information Driven Prioritization
Above: Choose from a set of pre-defined attributes to prioritize variants of interest.
Variant Characterization
Above: Characterize variants using industry standard references.
Custom Interpretation
Above: Dynamic note tacking capability enables users to assess custom interpretation.

Reporting, Simplified.

GenomeNavigator simplifies clinical reporting and submission with customizable report templates or the option to send findings to an external reporting system.

  • Easily generate clinical reports through an interactive editor
  • Customize report per organization requirements
  • Choose from multiple output formats such as Word, PDF, XML
  • Secure electronic signoff with integration and submission to EMR
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GenomeNavigator will be available in Q4 2016. We invite you to view a demonstration and inquire about our early access program.

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