Appistry Allows Clearent to Better Serve Customers and Best the Competition

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Appistry, a leading provider of cloud application platforms, announced today that its customer, Clearent, has experienced triple-digit growth. This is growth enabled by Appistry’s CloudIQ Platform.

Clearent partners with Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and financial institutions nationwide to provide merchants with secure payment processing solutions that improve both partners’ and merchants’ bottom line, reducing risk and improving customer service. Clearent is the first and only payment processing company to design and build its technology from the ground up around the objectives of total transparency and flexibility – its cloud platform has been a key factor in its unique architecture.

“When we first began looking at cloud computing in 2005, merchant services was positioned as a commodity – one that was cloaked in confusion and sorely lacking in service and innovation,” said Dan Geraty, Chief Executive Officer of Clearent. “Our goal was to build an application that would seamlessly scale from thousands of transactions per night all the way to tens and hundreds of millions, and to do so without requiring an army of operators or rooms full of specialized hardware – cloud computing has been instrumental in helping us to make that happen.”

Clearent looked to its cloud platform to provide seamless and simple scalability for its mission critical applications while simplifying system administration and management. Traditional models for developing, deploying and managing high-performance applications like Clearent’s entailed massive infrastructure costs and specialized technical expertise – and added complexity and risk that Clearent wanted to avoid.

Clearent’s systems are capable of processing payment transactions at a rate exceeding 300 transactions per second, or more than one million transactions per hour. Much higher rates are achievable with the addition of new machines to the cloud, a simple process made possible using Appistry’s software.

“We’re pleased to be directly involved in the success of a company that is a true game-changer. Clearent’s commitment to providing applications that reinvigorate an industry is inspiring – it’s a key business driver for cloud computing,” said Sam Charrington, vice president of product management and marketing for Appistry.

About Appistry

Appistry is a St. Louis-based cloud computing company that applies next-generation architectures to the large-scale data storage and processing challenges of high-throughput analytics. The team’s flagship high-performance computing platform enables “computational storage,” which unifies applications and data, eliminating the gap that traditionally divides the two. By offering a new level of scalability, elasticity and reliability for data-intensive applications, Appistry allows enterprises to quickly turn raw data into actionable intelligence faster, better and cheaper than ever before. Appistry customers include global leaders like FedEx, GeoEye, State Street Bank, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and multiple U.S. Government agencies.

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