Executing successful NGS analysis pipelines is a challenge for many labs. The pipelines are complex to develop and require infrastructure and compute power that many labs don’t have the resources to acquire or maintain. The Ayrris® environment for NGS analysis provides labs with quality analysis pipelines, a production-grade infrastructure, and scalable compute power so that they can stand up production-grade pipelines quickly and cost effectively.

The Appistry On Ramp Program

Watch to learn how Appistry's Ayrris for NGS Analysis delivers a complete solution for developing and executing NGS analysis pipelines. Length: :59


Fast Analysis

Get up and running fast with preconfigured pipelines

High Throughput

Maximize performance to increase throughput

Security & Control

Control data access, user permissions, and security

Built-in Auditing

Track and audit analysis runs to meet regulatory requirements


Preconfigured Pipelines

Appistry provides out-of-the-box pipelines featuring industry-leading analysis tools for common NGS analyses, along with the ability to add your own tools to handle unique analysis tasks.

  • Pipelines for exome/whole genome, RNA-Seq, somatic mutation, and trio analysis
  • Optimized to run on Ayrris
  • Use out of the box or add or change tools
  • Maintain multiple versions of tools to simplify upgrades or rerun pipelines used in the past

Easy Execution and Management

Develop and execute complex NGS analysis pipelines and manage data and user access from a single interface that makes it easy to get data off of sequencers and into a form that can be analyzed and acted on.

  • Execute and manage runs in real time from a single interface
  • Debug and restart pipelines from the point of failure to save valuable development time
  • Maximize performance on any CPU or cluster with built-in parallelization
  • Integrate and manage data sources and set user access privileges

Built-in Auditing

Empower pipeline developers and operations teams with detailed information on every pipeline run so that they can measure performance and comply with regulations such as CLIA.

  • Track all aspects of pipeline execution—data sets accessed, command lines and tool versions deployed, execution time and error logs, and users involved
  • Set access privileges to keep data and pipelines secure in accordance with HIPAA or other privacy mandates
  • Gather metrics and full details on past runs in seconds to support evaluations or auditing demand of CLIA certification

Flexible Implementation

Ayrris is delivered through a flexible On Ramp Program that provides preconfigured hardware and software that sits alongside sequencers to speed data analysis.

  • Basic configuration processes 400 GB per day. Developer workstation provides six dual-core processers, 128 GB RAM, and 5 x3 TB data drives
  • Advanced configuration doubles capacity with 12 dual-core processors, 256 GB RAM, and 6 x 4 TB data drives
  • Scale by installing Ayrris on your infrastructure or run in Appistry’s private cloud, without changing any scripts or pipeline configurations
  • Training and services including full implementation support, training in pipeline development, and additional pipeline development services