Explore the new features in GATK 3. Geraldline Van der Auwera, moderator of the Broad Institute’s GATK forum and well known Voice of the GATK, takes a look under the hood at the release to explain how GATK 3 drives your NGS variant discovery projects forward.

View this webinar to

  • Find out how GATK 3’s new reference model works–and its impacts on multisample analysis
  • Learn ways to “rescue” information that makes a difference in diagnostic analyses
  • Discover the recommended variant discovery workflows for small and large projects
  • Explore the differences between DNAseq and RNAseq best practices
  • Hear what the Broad team is working on next

Appistry’s Craig DeLoughery, director of customer support at Appistry, joins Geraldine for this session, serving as moderator and master of ceremonies. Please direct questions about webinar registration or other logistics to Deborah Ausman, director of marketing communications at Appistry, by emailing deboraha at appistry dot com.

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