For clinical labs that don’t have the bioinformatics staff, IT infrastructure or compliance capabilities required to support next-generation sequencing (NGS) based testing, Appistry's Managed Workflow Services accelerates and enables labs to establish and expand their NGS testing capabilities faster and more cost-effectively.

Your Fast Path to NGS Testing.

If you are a lab that is new to clinical NGS testing or one that is trying to expand your current NGS testing capabilities, Appistry’s Managed Workflow Services can help your lab reduce the resources, cost and time required to launch or expand your NGS based testing capabilities. Our Managed Workflow Services can handle the bioinformatics development and set-up of a lab’s NGS testing, the implementation of a robust IT infrastructure, the build out of compliance tracking and the deployment and integration with a lab’s internal systems to accelerate and enable the analysis of NGS data.

Faster Implementation

We’ll manage the set-up of your complete analytics environment from your Illumina NGS device through data analysis and data management including any hardware, cloud infrastructure, software, bioinformatics tools and pipelines.

Expertise Not Required

Our bioinformatics and clinical informatics experts handle the build and set-up of your lab's NGS tests based on the diseases you wish to target.

Platform Integration

We provide you a fully integrated platform from sequencer to your reporting system that is on-premise, cloud or a hybrid-cloud implementation.

Automated Testing

Once your NGS tests are established, we provide a fully automated workflow from your sequencer to test results.

Reproducible Compliance

Analyses are highly efficient and reproducible and your analysis runs can always be tracked and audit trailed to meet compliance requirements.

Budget Friendly

Our services cost significantly less than assembling and maintaining the diverse expertise and infrastructure required to support the clinical genomics environment.

Getting You Up and Running In 1, 2, 3.

You tell us what NGS based tests you want to run, we do the rest. Appistry's Managed Workflow Services quickly establish your NGS testing capabilities enabling your lab to begin processing tests in as little as a few days.



The Appistry team will conduct an initial customer requirements assessment to learn what capabilities you currently have, what tests you would like to perform and to build a plan to get you up and running quickly.



The Appistry team will deploy our integrated genomic analysis platform GenomePilot™ in your lab, build and set-up your tests, and integrate with your internal systems.

Start Processing


Your lab can immediately begin running tests through the easy-to-use interface or automate tests as your data comes off the sequencer.

Your Team of Experts.

With Appistry’s Managed Workflow Services your team can leverage Appistry’s deep bioinformatics, clinical informatics, IT, high performance computing and data integration expertise. Our team has years of experience developing and deploying NGS based pipelines and clinical testing capabilities for organizations that don’t have the in-house expertise or infrastructure. With our Managed Workflow Services you get access to a full suite of expertise to get your lab up and running quickly without the costly overhead and infrastructure of building on your own.

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